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We can help your organization grow with effective video
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You have an idea for video content. You may even have all the details figured out. Or maybe you haven’t planned anything yet. Wherever you’re at, we can start there.

What to expect from the initial consultation?



We first connect on a very high level to better understand your needs, objectives, timeline, and budget. We know your time is valuable, so we’ll keep it quick and high-level. If we both feel it’s a good fit, we’ll schedule a follow-up call to dive deeper and start to strategize the best approach for your video. Sometimes we can create an estimate directly after this meeting, but oftentimes we need to do a bit more discovery.



At this stage, we’ll get deep into the weeds and begin talking about messaging, target audience, creative direction and specific requirements. We better understand the project and how it will impact your business so we can create a proposal that hits the mark and accomplishes your goals.



After we fully understand your project, goals, and messaging, we put together a proposal and outline that will excite you to get started on your video!

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